High quality 18 ct gold plating
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LOTT.gioielli Collier Love Gourmet en or

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The second favorite of Rose

The LOVE necklace! This necklace symbolize so much for me personally, the love and adoration I have for the ones close to my heart.

But besides that, there is a beautiful common message: the dedication for your loved ones. This is shown by everyone in his or her own way and can be understood in every language.

I wear this necklace for my family, friends and loved ones! For whom do you wear this personal necklace?


TIP!: Did you know that you can personalize your own LOVE necklace as well?


This gold Gourmet Love necklace is for the wild hearted. Spread some love.

Le collier Love Gourmet est un, Des bijoux ludiques et tendance de la collection Symbol. Le collier Love est également disponible en rosé et en argent chez LOTT. gioielli.

  • Artikel-Nr.: SYNE910-G72955
  • EAN 8720095259863
  • Länge 43.5 cm
  • Categorieën Kettingen
  • Kleur Goud
  • Materiaal 18ct gold vermeil on 925 sterling silver
  • Type Minimalistisch, Subtiel
  • LOTT.gioielli official webshop
  • Handmade-exclusive and unique design
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