High quality 18 ct gold plating
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LOTT. gioielli Abia Swarovski Square Waterfall Earring Crystal

175,00 €



Continue the festive season with the new party collection from LOTT. gioielli. The Swarovski Square Waterfall earrings are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, spread some love with LOTT. gioielli. The party collection is limited available, so don't wait too long. Check out our entire party collection now at lottgioielli.com or in store. 

  • Artikel-Nr.: CESW759-G37503
  • EAN 8720095085363
  • Länge 10 cm
  • Breite 1.5 cm
  • Gewicht 9 g
  • Element soort Swarovski
  • Type Statement
  • LOTT.gioielli official webshop
  • Handmade-exclusive and unique design
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