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Find a beautiful necklace, choker or collier in the LOTT. gioielli jewelry webshop. Wearing a necklace complements any look. Buy a necklace for yourself or as an original gift for someone else.

Necklaces have been worn for centuries by women and men as an adornment or a status symbol. Nowadays, necklaces are mainly a fashion item available in all types and sizes to match any outfit. There is always a necklace in one of the LOTT. gioielli collections to complement any outfit. A necklace can be worn on any occasion and adds extra elegance to your look that makes your outfit complete.

A necklace can also be a special memory or gift from a loved one that has meaning. A necklace is super versatile and that is why this jewelry item offers so many possibilities. LOTT. gioelli also offers a varied selection and wide range of jewelry. Make a selection from our Initial or Symbol necklaces or a minimalistic necklace with a small stone, for example.

All LOTT. gioielli jewelry is made from high-quality, 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold plated sterling silver.  The different necklaces in the LOTT. gioielli collection are subdivided into the Initial collection, Classic collection, Choker collection, Symbol collection, Individual collection and exclusive custom-made collection.

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