A beautiful pinky ring, a signet ring or many smaller rings on one finger: it's all possible. Rings complete your outfit and have become an integral part of the street scene and our jewelry collection. LOTT. gioielli has rings to wear for every occasion or style. All LOTT rings are designed and handmade in our atelier. The ring collection includes beautiful rings in a range of colors and styles. Choose a beautiful, golden statement ring or a subtle silver heart ring. If you are the type who prefers a softer color of precious metal then rose gold is a lovely alternative. These rose gold rings are also on sale in the LOTT. gioielli webshop. Initial Ring Now available online, the entire initial collection including rings with all the letters of the alphabet. The initial ring can be adjusted to fit, so that it always sits comfortably and one size fits us all. These rings are available from stock in gold, silver or rose gold from A to Z. Wearing jewelry with letters or or chains personalized with a name has become a hot fashion item in the past few years. The letter rings can be combined with a ring with a miniature heart or other cute charm from the LOTT. symbol rings collection. You can also wear multiple initial rings together with the first letters of your children or choose one letter, such as the first initial of your beloved. These are great accessories to wear anyway, and you can do this without anyone even knowing the meaning they have. Signet Ring The LOTT. gioielli design team responds today to the trends of tomorrow. We have also designed a signet ring that you can wear on your pinky or any other finger you like. You can adjust the ring yourself and order it in gold, silver or rose. A beautiful signet ring goes really well with golden earrings or subtle, small cluster drop earrings from the custom-made collection. Create your own unique style and look with the accessories from LOTT.

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