LOTT. gioielli proudly presents: the very first LOTT. Profumo and Profumo di Casa. Highlight your individuality not only with the distinctive LOTT. gioielli jewelry but now also with LOTT. Profumo. We feel that perfumes are one of the most tantalizing things in life. They invoke emotions and affect our mood. If you choose your jewelry with great care and attention, a well-chosen perfume can make your appearance complete and leave that everlasting impression. We’ve selected two divine fragrances: NERO and BIANCO. If you are looking for a wonderful fragrance for a night out then NERO is perfect. The sweet perfume of blackcurrant, white rose and deep notes of vanilla ensure that you leave a memorable impression. BIANCO is a softer fragrance for any occasion but no less powerfull. The notes of lemon and peony rose are reminiscent of a sultry summer's day. Both Eau de Parfums are 50 ml and are presented in a beautiful box.

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