Lovely bracelets, beautiful bangles, bracelets with text or a personalized bracelet are all available in the LOTT. gioielli webshop. The bracelets in the symbol, individual and classic LOTT. collection can be combined endlessly. For any look and occasion you can choose from lots of lovely bracelets in the various LOTT. gioielli collections. classic collection bracelets If you have something to celebrate or another reason to dress to impress then make your outfit complete with the big bangles in the classic collection. Wear these elegant bangles in combination with the eye catcher LOTT. gioielli earrings and look fantastic. For any occasion you can pay an online or offline visit to one of our LOTT. gioielli brand stores or view and buy at one of our official LOTT. gioielli outlets. Symbol collection Ibiza style Are you and your friends going on vacation to Ibiza? Create your own arm party with the LOTT. gioielli symbol collection. Combined endlessly or simply as friendship bracelets: the symbol collection is super versatile. Bridal jewelry Are you getting married and do you still need a lovely gift for your wedding personnel? Then select a beautiful bracelet with a heart or another symbol that will remind everyone of your wedding day. Have custom-made jewelry created with your wedding dress. Contact us at or take a look at one of our official bridal collection dealers. Our bridal collection includes beautiful bridal jewelry such as bracelets, chains and lovely custom-made bridal earrings. baby shower gifts For personal and original baby shower gifts, make your choice from the extensive LOTT. gioielli bracelet collection. Choose a piece of jewelry from our Zodiac collection for example, or select a letter bracelet from our Initial collection. A personal and original gift lovely gift Are you looking for a lovely gift for a girlfriend or an original gift for your daughter-in-law? If so, a personalized letter bracelet is a great option. A silver letter bracelet is a timeless gift and so is a beautiful charm bracelet with a heart, star or tree of life. If you want to give a personal gift then choose a meaningful bracelet. Select one of the figurines, such as a four-leaf clover for luck or an infinity symbol that stands for an eternal bond. zodiac collection Choose your sign: a lovely gift for yourself or your girlfriends. For a month that has special meaning for you, such as the month in which your child was born. A star sign is a lovely piece of jewelry to wear. The LOTT. gioielli zodiac collection allows you to choose the most important star sign for you. Chains, bracelets, and bangles with a star sign can be found under the header zodiac collection on the LOTT. gioielli website. letter bracelet The entire initial collection, including the letter bracelets, is on sale at selected official LOTT. outlets and online. Initials are totally hot, whether you opt for a chain with a letter, a letter bracelet or a ring with your initial, your best girlfriend or your husband. All initial jewelry is super cool to receive or give. It is original and personal, so if you are looking for this kind of gift then the LOTT. gioielli letter collection is the perfect choice.

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