Beauty EarUps

Make torn or stretched piercings invisible with LOTT. Beauty EarUps. Hides damaged or stretched piercings and prevents the earlobe from stretching as a result of heavy earrings.  The revolutionary LOTT. Beauty EarUps help thousands of women who experience problems with torn and damaged earlobes.

LOTT. Beauty EarUps reliefs stretched earlobes while wearing earrings for women who find them unattractive and helps protect earlobes from (further) tearing due to the weight of earrings. The earring support patches can be used in two easy methods: 

Method 1:

Apply a LOTT. Beauty EarUps patch behind the earlobe and center the patch over the existing piercing. Press the patch firmly into place. Insert the post or hanger through the piercing and with your thumb on the patch carefully through the LOTT. Beauty EarUp. If the piercing is torn, insert the post or hanger through the top of the patch where the original piercing was positioned. Fit the earring back.

 Method 2:

If you are unable to put in your earrings with the patch applied, fit the LOTT. Beauty EarUp behind the earlobe while you insert the post or hanger into the piercing. Fit the earring back. Remove LOTT. Beauty EarUps patches at night and throw away. Clean earlobes with soap and water. Apply new patches each morning.

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