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Jewelry care


Many factors can influence the condition of your jewelry. In order to keep your jewelry in good condition and to prevent damage due to influences, we recommend you handle your jewelry with care, clean it and store it in a dry place. LOTT. gioielli®️ jewelry is manufactured using a variety of natural and sometimes delicate materials. The more careful you look after your jewelry, the longer you can enjoy it.

In order to enjoy your LOTT. gioielli®️ jewelry for as long as possible, we kindly ask you to read the following guidelines carefully and follow them.



Silver jewelry will naturally tarnish over time. Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold to minimise these effects. In order to maintain the color of gold plated jewelry as long as possible, we advise you not to wear your jewelry while you sleep, play sports or shower. Also, avoid using perfume or applying creams directly onto your jewelry. These products damage the top layer of the plating. Despite having followed these guidelines and having hardly used the products, discoloration may still occur. The reason for this is probably due to high skin acidity, which is already naturally high or caused by the use of alcohol or medicines. If you have experienced this, we advise you to choose the white gold plated silver to avoid disappointment.



Precious metal, such as 925 sterling silver, has a natural propensity to oxidize as a result of outside effects. If you have not worn your silver jewelry for a while then the color may have darkened slightly. Any oxidation is not harmful and in most cases easy to clean using gentle silver polish and a dry, smooth cloth. Your jewelry will look as good as new. Furthermore, take care to avoid extreme humidity or heat as this may cause tarnishing. 



When you are not wearing your jewelry, it is best to keep it in the original LOTT. gioielli®️ packaging, a velvet pouch or in a dark place to prevent outside influences from damaging/discoloring the jewelry.


CAUTION! We recommend that you do not keep your jewelry in the bathroom or any other damp place. Should you still have any questions and/or comments after reading these instructions, then please contact us by sending an e-mail to