The growing popularity of LOTT. gioielli products has unfortunately resulted in imitation earrings and jewelry appearing on the market. When you are searching for LOTT. gioielli products online you will undoubtedly encounter terms such as ‘lookalike LOTT’, ‘LOTT earrings lookalike’ or ‘LOTT earrings imitation’. Although imitation can obviously be seen as a complement, we would like to inform you as a consumer about how to recognize an original LOTT. gioielli product.

Certificate of Authenticity

LOTT. gioielli is sold exclusively through its authorized dealers, the LOTT. gioielli Brand stores and this website. You can find a list of all our official outlets here. We strongly recommend that you only purchase LOTT. gioielli items through one of our authorized dealers. Each original piece of LOTT. gioielli jewelry can be identified by the brand name and/or logo that is visible (and invisible) on the item, any accessories and the packaging. In addition, all jewelry is sold with an official certificate of authenticity, which also includes a hologram for the handmade items.

Lookalike LOTT earrings

LOTT. gioielli designs, makes and sells high-quality jewelry only made from gold-plated 925 sterling silver and natural materials with a perfect finish. Stores, webshops or private individuals on websites, such as Marktplaats, misusing our brand name by selling a completely different quality of LOTT lookalike earrings, LOTT imitation or lookalike LOTT jewelry. Original LOTT. earrings are handmade in the Netherlands. Each piece from the exclusive collection is made in our own workplace, custom-made for you and finished to perfection.

If you have any doubts about the originality and authenticity of your LOTT. jewelry, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you are unsure whether your local stores are selling copies of our jewelry or regularly refer to our brand in any way whatsoever, please contact us. LOTT. gioielli strives to protect the exclusivity of its brand and collection, so that you as a consumer can also benefit from the advantages.

Intellectual Property

The LOTT. gioielli B.V. company owns the rights to the LOTT and LOTT. gioielli trademarks and the LOTT logo. These trademarks are valid in the entire European Union and registered under numbers 929249, 917800 and 929222 under jewelry, bijouterie and gemstones. The LOTT. trademark is also registered as a European Union trademark under number 14467179. The LOTT. gioielli B.V. company operates a highly exclusive and luxury jewelry line under these trademarks. Anyone offering products under the familiar trademarks LOTT and LOTT. gioielli is acting unlawfully against LOTT and on the grounds of Article 2.20(1) of the Benelux Convention on Intellectual Property is infringing the trademark rights of LOTT. gioielli. The use of characters that are identical to, or at least match the familiar trademarks LOTT en LOTT. gioielli and the misuse of the trademark and model rights of LOTT. gioielli B.V. is not permitted and shall be immediately transferred to our legal representatives. All resulting costs shall be borne by the infringing party.

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