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High quality 18 ct gold plating
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Jewelry care

LOTT.gioielli stands for durability and quality. We use naturel materials which in many cases can be delicate. The basis of our jewelry is always high-quality (recycled) 925 Sterling Silver. The best quality for silver jewelry.

The finishing touch of LOTT.gioielli jewelry is a layer of 18-karat yellow, rose or white gold. This layer is also called the plating and can be sensitive to external influencers. Therefore, keep the following in mind;

- Do not wear our jewelry while showering, exercising or sleeping;

- Avoid contact with care products such as perfume, body lotion, etc.;

- Store your jewelry in the supplied pouch or packaging. This will reduce the risk of discoloration from sunlight or moisture.


How long the plating of your jewelry stays beautiful differs per person. The natural PH value of the skin (acidity) can cause discoloration. How quickly this goes can be influenced by, among other things, alcohol consumption, use of medication and perspiration.

If your LOTT.gioielli jewelry discolours within three months of purchase, we will apply a new 18-carat plating at our expense so that your jewelry is like new again. We can also do something for you in case of discolouration after the first three months! A new plating then costs € 20- € 50. Do you want to use this service? Send an email with a photo of the jewelry and the order number to


Have your LOTT.gioielli jewelry become a bit dull over time? Our jewelry is made of the highest quality silver. Precious metal: 925 Sterling Silver. This has a natural tendency to oxidize. This means that the silver elements in the jewelry can become somewhat dull. No worries! You can easily polish this with a silver polishing cloth or a dry target and your jewelry will look new again!