Brand partnerships

Since it was founded in 2010, LOTT. gioielli has grown to become a unique and distinctive jewelry label with an individual style and position in the market. The unusual designs and frequent use of natural materials makes LOTT. gioielli popular among different age ranges and above all recognizable due to its individual style.

LOTT. gioielli jewelry is regularly chosen as a gift for special occasions. For example as a memento of a unique event or as a leaving gift. It can also be a special promotional gift. Throughout the years, thanks to different partnerships, LOTT. gioielli has been able to make special custom-made designs for parties such as KiKa (Dutch Children’s Cancer Free Foundation), The Voice of Holland and Royal Ten Cate Netherlands. Something from which we draw a lot of inspiration and are always open to do. If you are interested in what LOTT. gioielli can do for you and your organization then please contact us via the form or


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