Made by hand in our atelier
High quality 18 ct gold plating
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S-Ohrringe, Metallisch-silberner SeidenAbacus, oval

LOTT. gioielli S-Ohrringe, Metallisch-silberner SeidenAbacus, oval

115,00 €

We are so proud to introduce you to our lovely Evi.

Evi is always in for a good time, she is young and fun. She has one motto; to live her best life. When the light touches her diamonds she lights up the whole room.


These unique earrings are finished with metalic silk thread in combination glass beads. These beautiful earrings will give you an extra sparkle! 

  • Artikel-Nr.: CESI149-S28724
  • EAN 7
  • Länge 7 cm
  • Breite 4 cm
  • Categorieën Oorbellen
  • Farbe Zilver
  • Steker Ovaal
  • Größe L
  • LOTT.gioielli official webshop
  • Handmade-exclusive and unique design
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