Made by hand in our atelier
High quality 18 ct gold plating
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LOTT. gioielli Crystal oorbel Amariah Swarovski Ster Waterval

120,00 € *



The third favorite of Rose

A brand new way to make a statement.

This earring represent everything I am and adore: sparkling details, it is out of the box and I can reinvent myself with new styles. Combining the statement earcuf with a little sparkling stud on the other shows exactly my two sides! 


What is your favorite side of this earring? The classy sparkling earstud or the out of the box earcuf?

Continue the festive season with the new party collection from LOTT. gioielli. The Swarovski Star Waterfall earrings are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, spread some love with LOTT. gioielli. The party collection is limited available, so don't wait too long. Check out our entire party collection now at or in store. 

  • Artikel-Nr.: CESW770-G37525
  • EAN 8720095085608
  • Länge 5.5 cm
  • Breite 1.7 cm
  • Gewicht 4.7 g
  • Element soort Swarovski
  • Typ Statement
  • LOTT.gioielli official webshop
  • Handmade-exclusive and unique design
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