Made by hand in our atelier
High quality 18 ct gold plating
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LOTT.gioielli Goldfarbene Gourmet-Love-Kette

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The second favorite of Rose

The LOVE necklace! This necklace symbolize so much for me personally, the love and adoration I have for the ones close to my heart.

But besides that, there is a beautiful common message: the dedication for your loved ones. This is shown by everyone in his or her own way and can be understood in every language.

I wear this necklace for my family, friends and loved ones! For whom do you wear this personal necklace?


TIP!: Did you know that you can personalize your own LOVE necklace as well?


Die Halskette Gourmet Love ist ein goldenes, verspieltes und trendiges Schmuckstück aus der Symbol-Kollektion. Die Liebeskette ist auch in Rosé und Silber bei LOTT.gioielli erhältlich.

  • Artikel-Nr.: SYNE910-G72955
  • EAN 8720095259863
  • Länge 43.5 cm
  • Categorieën Kettingen
  • Farbe Goud
  • Matrial Zilver met 18kt gouden plating
  • Typ Minimalistisch, Subtiel
  • LOTT.gioielli official webshop
  • Handmade-exclusive and unique design
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